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The utmost care is taken when it comes to our LOL’s steak preparation. Steaks are prepared with our in-house espetada herbs and spices, drizzled in superior balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil, before they are placed on our chargrill, and served to tantalize your taste buds.

‘AAA Steak Section’ | SQ

Choose your own size steak.

Steaks are served with one of the following: mash, rice, chips, sweet potato chips, vegetables of the day or roasted vegetables.

Butcher’s Block Fillet.

Base price R 139 for 200g


SQ per additional 100g
Grilled on a hot chargrill. Serving suggestion ‘medium rare’

Butchers Block Rib Eye.

Base price R 125 for 200g


SQ per additional 100g
Juicy rib eye steak, marinated in LOL’s secret Espetada spice grilled on a hot chargrill.

Butcher's Block Rump.

Base price R 115 for 200g


SQ per additional 100g
Marinated rump, prepared in LOL’s secret way, cooked on a hot chargrill.

Good food takes time to prepare. Please sit back and enjoy the time with us.