Lols Food Fusions - Main Menu - Starters


Crumbed with Flair

R 45
Lightly crumbed button mushrooms served with LOL’s special homemade sauce


R 89
Succulent rump slices drenched in creamy Trinchado sauce served with crispy herbal bread.

Burst of Ocean and Earth

R 80
Deep fried calamari tubes and legs served with LOL’s tartar sauce

Garlic Baquette - 'A Lovers Delight'

R 48
A baked baguette drowning in garlic sauce covered with cheese and pitted green olives Roasted till golden brown.

Add : Extra Cheese & Feta

R 15

Traditional Mozambican Peri-Peri Chicken Livers

R 65
Cooked in a creamy yoghurt based sauce served with crispy herbal bread.

Creamy Mussels

R 70
Fresh mussels cooked & drenched in LOL’s secret creamy sauce served with crispy herbal bread.

Starter Platter

R 145
Trinchado, calamari and crumbed mushrooms

Good food takes time to prepare. Please sit back and enjoy the time with us.