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Salad Selection

Greek Salad.

R 70
A perfect side salad, full of Greek feta, cherry tomatoes, peppers, onion rings, olives and LOL’s salad dressing.

Bacon and Avocado Salad

R 90
Availability seasonal. Bacon pieces, avocado, battered onion rings and fresh salad ingredients.

Steak Salad

R 135
Fresh seasonal salad ingredients, topped with thin steak slices and battered onion rings.

Chicken Salad

R 90
Fresh seasonal salad ingredients topped with chicken slices and LOL’s onion rings.

Side Selection.

Side Vegetables Of The Day

R 59
Seasonal vegetables cooked our homemade way.

Side Roasted Vegetables

R 45
Seasonal vegetables roasted.

Crispy Chips

R 30

Sweet Potato chips

R 30

At LOL’S we only serve freshly prepared fine cuisine. Please be aware this can take up to 40 minutes.