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Angus Steaks

Premium quality steak

Angus steak is high quality beef from the Angus breed of cattle which originated centuries ago in Scotland. Angus cattle have the natural ability to produce high quality marbled beef which gives the beef it's great taste because of tiny white flecks of intra-muscular marbling found inside the meat. Angus beef is a powerful protein that helps fuel an active lifestyle for all ages. Beef is the number one food source for protein, vitamin B12 and zinc, we like to think of it as natures tastiest multivitamin. Science continues to highlight the role beef plays in a healthy, well balanced diet. It’s a great source of lean protein too.

Angus Rump Steak.

200g SQ | 400g SQ
Juicy rump steak marinated in pure virgin olive oil & balsamic vinegar. Cooked on a hot chargrill.

Good food takes time to prepare. Please sit back and enjoy the time with us.